Google vs The Oil Well That Never Runs Dry

We’ve been sounding off about Google’s abuses, dominance and control of Internet traffic for over 10 years. Gopher (Search protocol) is one of the five tenets of the Internet. The others are www (world wide web), FTP (file transfer protocol), telnet and email. These are the utilities all of us use to navigate the internet. We believe Google is co-opting search which has turned the company and its owner Alphabet into a trillion dollar monopoly. While capitalism is part of our economy’s DNA, Google appears to be engaged in unfair business practices in controlling the traffic that uses “our” search. They scraped (spidered) our content to create their search model.

Direct navigation is the Achilles’ Heel of Google— when consumers simply type into their browser an address, bypassing Google and traveling directly to the web page desire.

Generic, sticky names like, or are the addresses that keep on producing direct traffic that is not bought. That direct traffic is always free to the domain name owner.

While in the 90s we saw upwards of 70% direct traffic to our websites, that number is now closer to 20-30%. Regardless, the money saved by not paying for traffic to Google can add up to millions of dollars over the years. It’s akin to owning the oil well that never runs dry.

Michael Anthony Castello