Frequently Asked Questions

How do I acquire one of your domain names?
Contact us!

Out of the thousands of TLDs, why are you only listing dotCOM?
Because dotCOM is, by far, the gold standard for domain names.

Anyone who tells you differently is flat-out wrong and could cost you a fortune.

The key to branding success is to have someone accurately remember your complete domain name the very first time they hear or see it.

DotCOM has become so ingrained in the public’s consciousness that people automatically default to dotCOM whenever they try to remember a domain name.

In other words, dotCOM has become synonymous with the internet.

We experienced this first-hand when we owned

One night, our traffic to shot through the roof – literally up over 10,000%. We were baffled until the next evening when we caught a television commercial for

The people behind paid top dollar for those television commercials, only to see their traffic go straight to

That’s because the public always decides. Always. And when they tried to remember the website address for that sixty-second commercial for Rate, they went straight to

The quickest way to lose thousands, even millions, of dollars is to not brand yourself with an instantly memorable dotCOM domain name.

Do you ever do Option-to-Buy leasing agreements?
Yes, we sometimes do Option-to-Buy leasing agreements! The agreements are for two years and the Lessee pays us semi-annually at a rate equivalent to 10% of the purchase price.

We immediately switch the DNS to the Lessee’s choice, but the domain name stays registered with us until the name is paid in full. If the Lessee triggers the buy-clause anytime during those two years, the amount paid-to-date is subtracted from the purchase price and the balance is paid via escrow as a sales transaction.

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